lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Underground: Song of the pelvis ii

I am a butterfly underground.
I fly by night.
My wings shine like rivers
lit up by funeral pyres.
I am an angel of red flames & ivory.
As I dance my diaphanous veils
cast a web
of vitality smoke & reflections.
These catch up with you in the folds
of an intimate and distant dream
wending around your legs
only to disolve
in the shadows
of an ancestral cave--
I await you
that you might uncover me
like star fire river earth
rose petals & breath--
Savor my nectar if you dare--
Dress yourself in my ten thousand sparkling stars
Dress yourself in my flames tears & currents
Dress yourself in my agony rejoicing & spirit
in the fruits of my labor
my sighs gyres & cries--
Enter this house of serpents
this aqueous hideaway--
I taste of clay-sea-star-song.
Savor this intimacy if you dare--
I will always be at the center--
the foundation & fount
of dreams of delight
among which more than once,
you have lost yourself--
I will be many women
I will be star fire & volcano
but I will also be
the serene purveyor
of a balanced stride--
Feel my vast spaces
& solid structure.

Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2009, 2010

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