miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Dancing the dance of the abandoned butterfly

Dancing the dance of the abandoned butterfly

                                                                  abandoned by father

Dancing the dance of the abandoned butterfly

                                                      abandoned by father

sourcing to the left...

            sourcing to the right...

                        sourcing the up...

                                    sourcing the down...

Finding center...

            lifting off...




            lifting off...

                        finding center...


by Lorena Lobita Wolfman © february 2010

Agua, tierra, cielo al atardecer

Rakkasah 2010

martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Dynamic exploration of green

Green blue yellow exploration
of undulating joy growth wonder compassion
overlying experience of years



reconnecting with original wave desire
rhythmic washing at the river of life
casting up to the shores of enrichment



reaching for the source of actualization
moment by moment seeking listening
to the whispering seas of intuition grown deeper with trust...

harmonizing right and left

                                       up and down

sourcing to the right
sourcing to the left
sourcing now sourcing

                    sourcing the up

                                          sourcing the down...

orientation to a bright ever new star




sipping the river of illumined rain
sipping the nectar of new gesture upon gesture
gazing into the now future the now present the now past
gazing with love
gazing with beauty upon beauty
gracious gifts behold
                                        the gracious
                                                                             of being...

                    and now

                                      and now

                                                       and now

                                                                           and now...

by Lorena Lobita Wolfman © february 2010

Incipient wings...

Incipient wings come forth
from the fertil earth
uncertain of their origin
seeking the elements
of earth air water fire wood
following the light of the sun as guide
while they know not
what it is they seek
and what it is they are
and what it is they inspire
and what it is they offer
and yet as any hero does
with quiet determination
they hold firm
to the central principal
that is becoming
that is what they are...

by Lorena Lobita Wolfman © february 2010

sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

Let me shed this pretense (audio)

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Let me shed this pretense

Let me shed this pretense
My wings have grown in
And I have nowhere left to hide them

Wet, yes, they are wet
With the amniotic fluid of the soul

Let me shed this pretense

A straight jacket in time
In a time when there is no time

Souls cry out for a true expression

Feathers have sprouted
And they are coming out
From between the lines
Of stoic convention

Let me shed this pretense
Though I cry
Though we cry

For all that is lost

Though I cry
Tough we cry

For all that is found

These wings my wings
These new wings as yet untested
As I balance
With my eyes still closed
By edge of the great ocean

Or shall I say mystery?

On my solid rocky crag
Bathed in sunlight
Each feather caressed by a delicate ray
And the air dry my wet wings

Each feather each fiber
Finding its relation to self and elements
Finding its articulation in relation self and other

This is not just another normal day
Nor was any day ever just a normal day

Testing testing testing
The stretch the bend
Contraction and extension
Readying for flight

My soul cries out for truth
My soul cries out with truth

Testing testing
The articulations
Bones sinuew muscle breath
Joining the technicians of the sacred

by Lorena Lobita
copyright February 2010

Life Unfolding

Life Unfolding represented an historic event, in the words of modern dance pioneer and co-founder of the Tamalpa Institute, Anna Halprin, "this is the first time that the life-art process has been the basis of a full length show." If you were one of the few lucky ones to be present at for its short run of two evenings As San Francisco's Noh Theater in February of 2010, you had an incredible eye-opening awe-inspiring treat.

The performers brought shared and, in the process, elevated their own life dramas to touching universal dimensions. Their firm footing in somatic practices embued the atmosphere with powerful presence and emotion.

Anna Halprin, now in her 90th year, with her characteristic aplomb, poise and humor, introduced the show, which as a benefit for the the Tamalpa Institute scholarship fund.

It is the fervent desire of the founders Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin that this work and the intensive Tamalpa training program be accessible to people of diverse backgrounds. The life-art process at its heart is about growth and insight with personal, artistic and social applications.