lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Mother daughter poem ii

Breathe breathe body of mine.

My breath spirals
like a double helix
reaching into the universe--

Mother mother
who art in heaven
the one who gave me form
the one within me...

In & out
serpentine curve without end
as silent
as a lizard taking the sun
rhythmic flux
rise & fall.

Breathe breathe body of mine--
Beat heart of mine beat
don't stop beating.

Life courses
through these veins
heart beat
a single lifetime
this my womanly form
interlocked at the elbow
with many lifetimes
and the formless
mystery just outside
the gait of imagination
within this mind...

Quiet, quiet, brain of mine.

Mother, mother who art in heaven...

My mind my form my being
moulded yes by the imprecise art of my mother
created by the Mother who created
my mother who is
the universe
as am I
as are we all.

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