lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010


I am the sadness
you carry with you
the long years of your life
reminding you of your steps
and your passage.
My roots
impregnate the earth
of your soul
seek the bottom
imobilize your feet
in the river.
My waters
moisten your moon-kissed
cheek of grief
color of carmine.
The mist
that my hands exude
envelops you
in a mantle
of translucent silk--
you will dress as a queen
in its folds
or you will lift the mist up like a banner.
You will carry a necklace of my pearls
in your fingers
laced like a rosary.
You will remember remember remember.
The timbre of my voice flirts
with the bells of fate
as they echo
from the bottom of the sea.
In my keening
I advise you:
Recover the treasure
I buried on the sea floor
but do not remain
in these waters!
You will perish!
Recover the veils of light
& fly away with them
to the fête fo the sun.
I remind you
of the kingdom
you have lost,
from which you have strayed.
I bestow you with a path
of shining bread crumbs
of glowing stars
that will mark your way
to your true throne.

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