miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

the dance

a faraway star
twinkles in the intimacy of space

with our fingers outstetched we reach for her

from on high
we see a valley and an opening

together we look out across the sea

we become wind
storm and sea
and a celestial flag flapping
in flames

in our palms
we gather water
trembling with life

we dance a tango
in the obscurity
of a faded bar

we dance the fine indifference
of elegant baroque palaces

with the slightest touch of your fingers
you lead and we circulate
like two spinning comets
through the sky


the brilliance of your constant gaze
is attentive to what is unseen

when I come to stillness
you call me again

waving your hand through the air
you reveal what has never been seen

soft currents
through the invisible universe

without looking each other in the eye
we find the rhythm
of this eternal dance

internal external dance
reflexion of all that exists
that demands our astonished attention

we put our hands to the forge of creation

our fists hold tight to the original pulse
penetrating its density

we stir it
to the rhythm of this ethereal dance

like asiduous students
we work the invisible
                             made visible

by Lorena Lobita © mayo 2010

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