domingo, 30 de agosto de 2009


I repose
in a sea of darkness
eyes closed while inner eyes
see everywhere bottomless depths
heart belly thought

my infant self swims through
spiraling turquoise
unexplored spinning galaxies
swirling jeweled galaxies
star dust dreaming galaxies
that which may become galaxies

seamless and imperceptible
as a black swan dreamer
as a silent breeze dreamer
as a rising sap dreamer
as an om dreamer
who has taken to the water
on a starless soulful night

my oniric self floats
on the waters of time
bobbing effortlessly
held by salt & water
bones & skin
night & day
up & down
held by moving stillness

by Lorena Lobita Wolfman © August-September 2009


lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

Jesus last night

last night I invited Jesus into my bed
the one of flesh and blood
the one of spirit
a son of divine birth

he was a generous companion
his slender body pressed up against mine
I could feel his desire pulse
the curls of his long hair tumbling across my breast

his smell of eastern jasmine and musk
quickened on my breath
and I thought to myself:

"This is the kind of personal savior I need!"

as I opened
he welled up within me
washing away my troubles
he held me close
whispering revolutionary songs
of love and humanity in my ear
yeah the kind that got him into trouble
back in the day--

And with daybreak almost ready to burst,
I fell asleep in his arms.

© 2009 Lorena Lobita Wolfman

Under an open sky


wading in water
by her mother
young daughter
sunlit bare feet
touch sand of stream
below tall redwoods
gentle shadows
punctuated light


"de colores"
round brimmed straw hats
together side by side
men women children
brother clasps sister's hand


Bamboo leaves
filter the sun
divine turgidity
of green
delicate taste
intimately present
in a cascade of light


Reeds sway
framing the shore
delicate sheaths spear the sky
and dodge sparks
flying from the blazing silver lake
a duck sails by


Enormous rock juts skyward
through the river of time
children play round
their voices echo
and vanish
echo and vanish
round and round
the ancient rock

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

Every particle of night

every particle of night is bone dry
the stars outside
for surely there are stars
are obscured by the electric glow of the city

the absence of sun is unbearable
like a flower without a field

no one answers the phone
and the rest have no phone
for they have no voice
their ashes fill my house

here in the darkness my voice
reaches out in solitude
towards a strangely absent god

and what is god
if I pretend does he or she appear
and where
an image a feeling a sense of relief?

the only water that quenches
this ache is a rain of tears
and ever so briefly
but long enough to go on--

in the kitchen sink a chartreuse orchid
has given itself to pushing out fresh leaves.

© 2009 Lorena Lobita Wolfman

viernes, 21 de agosto de 2009

Night Dreaming

you are night dreaming
in silence with fireflies
going out in order to light up again
night pretending nothing hurts
searching for peace under the sheets
believing all secrets have been discovered
night walking hurriedly towards the crack of dawn
to get there before the song of the red thrush bursts forth
this night you remember a life in which you danced
on the gypsies' stage
you remember and you don't want to feel the longing
you remember and you fade away into dreams
where you capture stars and elusive fireflies
there you believe you have found a secret entrance to enlightenment
you watch visions with your eyes closed
sometimes you slip on the flagstones of the past
but light twinkling in your eyes little by little
makes sense of the senselessness of the smallest things
and you light up walking in the paths of the stars
spheres worlds galaxies concepts of universe and God
your twin shadow, night stranger, sleepwalker speaks to you:
"I have come to tell you I don't believe in anything,
I just dream the universe and its contents--
I have come to tell you to whisper in your ear
of darkness of dust and of death
to iluminate the meaning of life,
I have come to say
there is no need to believe in anything
sparks and ash come from the same source:
wood, tree of life
trunk root branches leaves and sap
and fire--
I have come to say you live more precisely
after challenging the precipice and though you may fall
this teaches you anew the gyre of life
to trust the fall
the universe is open
in it you are at home
the windows are open
and winds that enter caress you
their breath requires no explanations nor qualifications
they are and you are
in this life..."

por Lorena Lobita Wolfman © Agosto 2009

martes, 18 de agosto de 2009


Aquí está ella
y de otro mundo es
gata es y reptile
primitiva ella
silvestre aborigen
del futuro es ella
de las estrellas es
liviana más liviana que una burbuja es
ella brilla de ópalo pálido
prendido planeta de Andromeda ella
ilumindada de estrellas distantes
ella es efervescencia ella es
pantera serpiente misteriosa es ella
escamas tiene
hechos de siroco Nilo hoguera Pachamama
parte leopardo iguana salmon
es ella moradora del mar
sirena antigua es ella
gente autóctona
ella es esperanza y problema
problema es ella y esperanza
ella está aquí aquí mismo ahora
pariente cercana a Kali
Lakshmi Tara
Guanyin Ereshkigal
Bast Hathor
ella se va con el viento
y se encrespa con la olas
es ella luz es ella
mar es ella
ella es honda
tararea con voz aguda
una vibración profunda
sólo por la luna escuchada
por chotacabras
fuegos fatuos y sauces
ella respira lento
y con cada respiro
baila ella un universo
de velos noctilucentes
mientras que en su silencio
preñada espera--

copyright © 2009 Lorena Lobita Wolfman

martes, 11 de agosto de 2009

La noche que sueña

eres la noche la noche que sueña
en silencio con luciérnagas
que se apagan para luego volverse a encender
noche que finge que nada le duele
que busca la paz entre las sábanas
que cree que todos los secretos se han descubierto
noche que camina de prisa hacía los albores de la mañana
para llegar antes que se estalle el canto del zorzal colorado

esta noche te acuerdas de una vida en la que bailaste
sobre el tablado de los zíngaros
te acuerdas y no quieres sentir la añoranza
te acuerdas y te desdibujas en sueños
donde capturas los astros y las luciérnagas huidizas
allí crees haber descubierto una secreta entrada a la iluminación
observas visiones con los ojos cerrados
a veces te resbalas sobre las losas del pasado
pero la luz que titila entre tus pupilas poco a poco
te brinda sentido al sin sentido de las más mínimas cosas
y te iluminas caminando por los andares de los astros
esferas mundos galáxias conceptos de universo y Dios

tu sombra gemela, noche ajena, sonámbula te habla:
“Yo te he venido a decir que no creo en nada,
sólo sueño el universo y su contenido--
te he venido a decir susúrrale al oído
de la oscuridad del polvo y de la muerte
para iluminar el sentido de la vida,
te he venido a decir
no hace falta creer en nada
que las chispas y las cenizas provienen de la misma fuente:
la madera, árbol de la vida
tronco raíz ramas hojas y savia
y fuego--
te he venido a decir que vives más precisamente
después de retar al precipicio aunque te caigas
esto te enseña nuevamente el giro de la vida
y a fiarte en la caída
el universo está abierto
en él estás en casa propia
las ventanas están abiertas
y los vientos que entran por ellas te acarician
su vaho no requiere explicaciones ni méritos
están y estás
en esta vida...”

por Lorena Lobita Wolfman © Agosto 2009

lunes, 10 de agosto de 2009

If I cannot dance

if I cannot dance
if my feet cannot sink into the mud
if my heart cannot rise on red wings
if my arms cannot writhe in the deepest tides
and my belly circle to the very rhythm
of the center of the universe
while my shoulders reach out to greet
the most sublime spirits of existence
then there is no reason to be here
there is no joy on this earth

Lorena Lobita Wolfman © August 2009

domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009


She is here
and of another world
she is cat she is reptile
she is primitive she is
primal aboriginal
of the future she is
of the stars she is
of light light as a bubble she is
she glows with pale opal
planet fire of Andromeda
she glows with distant pink star light
she is effervescence she is
panther viper mysterious she is
she has scales
made of sirocco Nile pyre Pachamama
part leopard iguana salmon
she is a denizen of the sea
an ancient mermaid she is
first peoples
she is hope and trouble
trouble she is and hope
she is right here here now
close kin she is to Kali
Lakshmi and Tara
Quan Yin and Ereshkigal
Bast and Hathor
she goes with the wind
and curls with the waves
she is light she is
sea she is
deep she is
high she hums
a deep vibration
heard only by the moon
by whippoorwills
will o’ wisps and willows
she breathes slow
and with each breath
she dances a universe
of noctilucent veils
while in her silence
pregnant she lies waiting--

Lorena Lobita Wolfman (© June-Aug 2009)
(Poem that arose in aesthetic response to the drawing "Gata".)

martes, 4 de agosto de 2009


Tonight Earth's sister the moon
rising over the Oakland hills
is full as a glowing oyster pearl
in a pale half-shell sky.
As I move across the curve of the earth
caressed in soft light
for this moment
this arc feels like home.

lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

Light And Shadow

Where ever you go
you find light and shadow
kissing, light and shadow
these ancient lovers
were with Adam and Eve
in the Garden of Eden
where they walked about
before the serpent
behind the trees
between blades of grass
they swayed in the rushes
back then they didn't exist
as far as anyone was concerned
since duality and paradox
was unheard of, back then
these two existed
only in their kiss and for their kiss
that place where difference is indiscernable
and later when Adam and Eve
angered God
and were thrown out of Paradise
light and shadow weren't, no,
just as before
just as after
now they exist just the same
inside and out of Paradise.

domingo, 2 de agosto de 2009

Luz y sombra

Por dondequiera que vayas
encuentras a la luz y la sombra
besándose luz y sombra
estos antiguos amantes
estuvieron juntos a Adán y Eva
en el Jardín del Paraíso
donde paseaban desapercibidos
delante de la serpiente
detrás de los árboles
entre la hierba
meneándose entre los juncos
en ese entonces
no existían para nadie
como se ignoraban las dualidades
y las paradojas, en ese entonces
estos dos existían
únicamente en su beso para su beso
encontrados en esa fusión
en que la diferencia no se discierne
más tarde cuando Adán y Eva
lo airaron a Dios
y estos fueron expulsados,
la luz y la sombra, no,
igual como antes
igual como después
ahora existen igualmente
dentro y fuera del Paraíso.