sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

Mother of the heavens

mother of the heavens
goddess of the heavens & of water
divine mother of dawn
you are the blue song of the flute
the vertical and resounding voice of the drum
the oscillation of the rain
you are the chant that surrounds
the gire of many moons
waxing moons waning moons
those yet to be and those that have been
your indigo lips
tell of dreams and visions
mother your turquoise breath
is the divine word
the wise women agree
that you are indivisible and unknowable
mother of dakinis and sylphs
mother of the creator
you exist before
and after all thought
divine one I converse with you
about essence
about death
about my path on the earth
I rest in your cerulean arms
where everything occurs in the very center
at the summit where the four paths
known by ten thousand names converge
wood mountain rock
river wind heroic feat
blood your blue eyes
under your watchful gaze I long for the flame
the flame of your heart passion
everything that happens
and that we paint with our imaginations
is born of the sum of your convergencies
borrowed recipes
recipes for compassion sea earth volcano
earthquake huracane infinite measure
measure without measure
sun and storm
in you I rest and engage
wise woman and mother of the heavens--

Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2010

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