lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

On the cerulean path: song of the pelvis i

I am silent thunder.
I am a dark star.
I am sweet lime.
I am a sensual stone.
I am a bone river.
Call to me full of flowers
call out to me with your blossoms,
dress me in celebration.
Would that I be addressed with ceremonious honor—
Songs and libations—
Drain your cup full to the top
and over the brim, over brimming
as I come forth with light & air & substance.
Sub- stance. Sub. Stance.
Away, away, away—
Way down, and away.
A way. A Way. This-s-s-s-s Way.
Gen – gentle – generative – generations – engender-r-r-r--
My gowns flowing white,
my gowns flowing red,
my gowns, a deep echoing silence within,
within, with in— a body without a body.
Enter my multiplicity.

Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2009, 2010

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