Lapizlázuli Publishing™

Welcome to Lapizlazuli Publishing™! We are a new small independent publisher. Currently we do not accept unsolicited work.

Lapizlazuli Publishing will be producing multicultural books, broadsides, CDs and DVDs that, we hope, will promote the embodied arts and enliven the spirit.

The arts have the power to be agents of change and of transformation, capable of having real impact on the world. We aim to help cultivate that potential through this venue. Good art is skillful, but more importantly, it is truthful.

Lapis Lazuli, the stone from which we derive our name, is the stone of ancestral wisdom. We believe it is time to tap into this innate knowledge, while we at the same time, develop our present time skillfulness; and to share our visions as story-tellers, philosophers, poets and artists.

We believe in respecting the planet and honoring all life forms as part of the sacred web of life. Whenever possible we will use recycled material, make available e-pub options, and produce only that for which there is a demand.

Watch for our first titles in the coming months!