viernes, 18 de octubre de 2013

from zero

the effulgent sea
within my skin
comes upon itself
from zero
like an enormous wave
with its own self

blue rising
from within


coming out
of its own skin

the quiet center
you see in my eyes
has always been the silent
fount of everything
all the volume
in the universe

I didn't make this up
nor is it mine alone

all surfaces
are now a luminous transparent

before the temporal
looked so important

while the boundless center
is contained
within the crumbling walls
that once seemed so solid
that looked so much like things
a home
a country
a family

we thought each thing was real
a necklace
a book
a pair of binoculars
we gave it magical powers
to invoke the dead

we always call upon opposites
to reveal the other in contrast
and when we least expect it
the third
may appear

the stone
carved so many years ago
by the effects
of salt rain
wind sun
and time

all messengers
of zero

and just what is inside zero

the eternal waters
once cloud river
morning dew
discover one another
under the arch
made of crumbling mountain
to eternal potential
renewing itself
in parallel dances
the same dance

--Lorena Wolfman © 2013

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