sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013


I breathe through my ribs
my sides have become gills
sweet soft oxygenated water
flows through me
each pore is an organ
of communion with the world
the breath of the sky
of the trees
of the bamboo in the garden
of my siamese house cat
of the lightning fast blue fin tuna
their inanimate bodies laid out
after being massacred
breath enters me
from all the lands and waters
and skies
where there is war and not
where there is hunger and not
from places I have seen and not
from that which is invisible and not
from the other side of the pacific
where uranium and plutonium
heat the sea
from everywhere breath enters me
from here in my house
communicated with all other houses
the same as bamboo
that flowers all over the world
at the same time
no one can protect themselves
from what will come
no one is alone

--Lorena Wolfman © 2013

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