domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

dark flowers

we're flying hard 
hard on the wing
of life’s dream
its a storm in a tree
whose knowledge can take you to hell 
and back
and back
and back
into the center
where it might all make sense
if only I could remember
as I woke up
what was the twist?
the alchemy
of last night's dream?

its storming out
its boiling hot
something in the water
even pulls the color out 
of my yellow ship's hull
said the sailor
there was no life for 3000 miles he said
there were no birds
because there were no fish he said
it was silent for miles he said
the ocean is broken he said
the only sound was that of debris hitting the hull he said
there was so much garbage he said
when the wind died we could not start our motors he said

meanwhile enormous serpents are rising from the sea bottom
with a thousand forgotten ancient dreams
lodged in their spines
and the dead keep singing
as they peek out through the night
through the black rain

below everywhere dark flowers are blooming

--Lorena Wolfman © 2013

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