martes, 23 de junio de 2009

Around the Table

Three men and two women gather around the table for drinking and speaking. Between the gathering people gather more empty wine bottles. Around the table everyone has a glass of wine. Around the table three men and two women gathered for speaking and drinking smile. Five smiling gathered people drink and speak. Around the table three men speak mostly. Two gathering women do not speak mostly. It is mostly the men that speak and the women remain mostly silent. Everyone drinks and smiles. Everyone has a glass of wine. The men drink more and smile and speak. The women drink little and smile. The men repeatedly speak. The smiling women are repeatedly silent and drink little. The men smile. The women are mostly silent. The men speak mostly and mostly drink more wine smiling. The women are mostly silent while the men speak mostly. Two women sit in silence while three men speak mostly. Mostly three men speak and drink. Three men and two women smile.

(with the inspiration of Gertrude Stein)
copyright 1984, 2009 Lorena Lobita Wolfman

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