sábado, 20 de junio de 2009

All light waves


All light waves            white
pulsing gently down through the long armed
blue dome stretching its hands around the Earth
elbow deep in night.
The man            the woman            hands clasped
come starting midnight
to watch from under the sky
as outside the dome
dancing            within vision's reach.
Sun imbeds day,
moon imbeds night.
Stroking through each beat & breath
a winding spiral             as ulna and radius trace
in forward motion to grasp
within our arms             from outside.


Time only shifts.
Held face to face with small hands
hinged on one another turning
overlapping circles.            Watching eyes
stand by or pace a step each ticking.
In undoing            a particular embrace
in time            all feet move differently.


Sky's hands rolling in night            press
a building form            from the washing stillness:
full moon            babe crowning
in absence of fierce light
belly to belly            passing into the shroud.
Only weather clouds
carried in rocking atmospheric arms
have such subtle luminosities
of light touching            first
                          teardrops of awaking.

copyright © 1983, 2009 Lorena Lobita Wolfman

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