lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

The legend of the firebird

L'Oiseau de feu (The Firebird, Russian: Жар-птица) is a Russian ballet (1910) by Igor Stavinsky based on the tales from Russian folklore about the brilliant magical bird. Its plot, based on a children's story, is the following: The prince Ivan, who has gone out to hunt at night, without realizing it, enters the enchanted garden of the terrible Kastchei the Immortal. Suddenly, a bird of glorious plumage appears and flutters among the trees. Ivan pursues the bird and is able to capture it, but moved by its pleas, grants it freedom in exchange for one of its feathers. A little later, the prince discovers a group of thirteen princesses who are playing at tossing golden apples they have taken from the tree in the garden. The young man approaches them and is immediately lovestruck with the loveliest princess, who also corresponds his affection. At dawn, the monster servants of the sorcerer Kastchei, who wants to turn the young Ivan into stone, take him prisoner. As he is just about to succeed, the prince calls on the aid of the Firebird by shaking the feather that it gave him. The bird comes and puts a spell on the sorcerer's evil band. Nevertheless, soon the monsters come to and engage in an infernal dance that leaves them exhausted. The bird intervenes again, after putting Kastchei to sleep with a sweet berceuse, it reveals to the prince that the terrible sorcerer has hidden his soul inside an egg. Kastchei wakes up, but Ivan has gotten ahold of the egg and smashes on the ground. The sorcerer and his whole entourage disappear forever. With this the petrified knights awaken, and the prince and the princess celebrate their wedding. (Translated from source: Wikipedia)

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