jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

I meet him again

I draw near and move away
from a landscape that nourishes me
sustains me
offers me vibrations of life
light/fire      earth/mountain
water/river      aire/sky
landscape keeper vessel of life
where root stem leaf grows
sacred maize
seed grain ear
each beginning a continuity
of the sewn ancestral field
that continues to be sewn
interwoven into the blood the genes the gaze

today I bring the ashes of my father
to this colective altar
to our altar today I bring his ashes
here to the heart of his beloved mountains
here to the chest of his beloved land
here to the breast of memory
among the mountains
that give name and meaning
to what it is to be a mountain
gigantic souls that cause inverse vertigo
they live breathe sing vibrate
hum the song of life
of the earth become earth
of the bone become bone
the intelect become intelect

here in my hands
I bring my offering of ashes
ashes become dust
dust of the earth
earth become earth
beloved earth that sustains me
here is love become earth
conflict become earth
uncertainty become earth
distances become earth
memory become earth
absence become earth
earth become love
that sustains me
and suggests a destiny
bone of my bone
intelect of my intelect
heart of my heart
to the heart of the mountain

I bring the memory of my father
memories become ash
dust become humus of his entelechy
what he planted amoung this mountains
continues bearing fruit
today between my hands
I bring the ashes of my father
and I meet him again
dust become love

--Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2010

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