martes, 8 de junio de 2010

mother's necklace

the ocean that courses
through my veins

responds to the call
of the moon

all night long
I count the beads

in Kali’s necklace
beads of blood of lamentation

Kali the black one
tongue of forbidden fire

beyond rot & stench
beyond burned earth & death

beyond time
beyond form

I count the beads
in Coatlicue’s necklace

of the serpent skirt

mother of the gods
womb & grave

moon & stars
& war

her stridence & clamor
trumpets & hand drums

sound in the West
I count the beads

in the necklace of life and of death
eternity beyond form

I sit before Coatlicue & Kali
as each one rattles & shakes

her collected skulls
& plundered hearts

pain heartache & change
it was for these times

my mother left me
a necklace carved

of the small ivory branches
of her hands & feet

phalanges branching into roots
a filigree embedded

into the night sky
earth's womb

I count
the beads

of my mother’s necklace
all night long

delicacy & bone

& deep & bone

& absence & bone

& flame & bone







strong medicine
for troubled times

my blood

with the rose
sea salt she gave me

for all times
all time

ivory pearl cloud hurricane
& marrow that builds

the world


at the light of dawn

Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2010

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