martes, 1 de junio de 2010

Gata ii (eng)

Here I am
here & of another world
I am cat I am reptile
I am primitive I am
primal aboriginal
of the future I am
of the stars I am
of light light as a bubble I am
I glow with pale opal
planet fire of Andromeda
I glow with distant pink star light
I am effervescence I am
panther viper mysterious I am
I have scales
made of sirocco Nile pyre Pachamama
part leopard iguana salmon
I am a denizen of the sea
an ancient mermaid I am
first peoples
I am hope & trouble
trouble I am & hope
I am right here here now
close kin I am to Kali
Lakshmi & Tara
Quan Yin & Ereshkigal
Bast & Hathor
I go with the wind
and curl with the waves
I am light I am
sea I am
deep I am
high I hum
a deep vibration
heard only by the moon
by whippoorwills
will o’ wisps & willows
I breathe slow
& with each breath
I dance a universe
of noctilucent veils
while in my silence
pregnant I lie waiting--

Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2009, 2010

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