martes, 26 de mayo de 2009

I invite you to dance

I invite you to dance
this nimblewinged night
dance memories lost in the trees
dance visions carried on turquoise winds
drenched with seasalt desire and tears
and azure transparency of mind
dance dreams that robe the soul
dance regrets that slip
from throat through teeth dance
words I invite you to join me in conjuring
the past the possible the future
nurtured by what was and what wasn't
words I invite you to accompany me
in carefully unwrapping the tender dew-blessed sylph
of acceptance for how we fail one another
the burning desire to have met more fully
and now to embrace everything
from a deeper place
it is with words I ask for forgiveness
and with which I forgive
with words and a humbled heart
open hands white doves' wings beating
airborne this fleeting moment is gone gone gone
I invite you to dance

copyright © 2009 Lorena "Lobita" Wolfman

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