martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

I have never been able...

I have never been able to answer
the question "Where are you from?"
"Where are you from?"

From from from someplace--
From... the stars?
From some highway someplace
the I-80, I-40, I-69
Route 66
the Panamerican Highway
from mile after mile
wheels spinning
making a shhhhhhhhhhhh
on the road
mile after mile until I ran out
of games to play with billboards,
signs and license plates
lulled mile after mile
day into night night into day into night
sometimes singing to the moon
as we crested over yet another
slumbering hill
to see the sparkling stars
stretching out in the valley below
as we began our descent into yet another
city where I
knew no one.

No, but where are you from?

From from someplace
from Teotihuacan, Uxmal, Tulum, Cholula
from another crossing of the isthmas of Tehuantepec
From someplace you never heard of...
where am I from?

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