jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2012

Our souls are dark

sister, Innana, our souls are dark
leave us not alone in a hum
of empty white lilies
stories without echo

sister, our souls are dim
as burned out coals
please speak the truth to us
of dark forbidden things

black like crude coal
carbon black jade cats & caviar
dark like broken earth

like an obsideon knife
blood dripping
from our cupped hands

show us not what is pretty
& sweet as pie
show us the obscured
& wretched things

& the fierce face of the three Mary's
magadalena betania nazareta
at the well of our salty tears

pour pure water from your vessels
pour pure water
drop the veil of obscurity
drop the veil of time

from the dark alms
from dark eyed goddess
ferocious bodisattva of compassion
whose power blooms
like the blood
red rose in the night

sister, Inanna, your hidden face
illumines the darkness
with source
you have shed
your robes of light

you are the one
who loves the eternal night
who can tenderly conquer
the forces of death

you know the dark
as you know your sister
you are golden coins spinning
above ground & below
you know your sister
mistress of death
flip side of the coin

by all your names
Ishtar Innanna Astarte Isis
you know your sister
queen of Irkalla
queen of the underworld
queen of the dark

dear sisters, tell us not
of the wan sugar-tinged women
of history

tell us of the dark
the tenebriety of our day
bring us the real tales
of our reckoning
the dark that fills our souls
the dark & dangerous
chaos in the belly of now

show us
the dark face of the moon
the dark hands of the sun
the dark feet of the stars

sister, hold us through the storm
sister, burn incense & pour fine oil for us
that we might awaken again

bring us back to life!

Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2010

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