miércoles, 8 de junio de 2011

Light & shadow

where ever you go
you find light & shadow
kissing light & shadow

these ancient lovers
caressed Adam & Eve’s shoulders
under the trees & by moonlight

in the Garden of Eden
light & shadow walked about
caressing serpents & birds & blades of grass

unnoticed light & shadow
danced lithely in the rushes
in the hills & valleys & no one noticed

for then there were no words
for good & evil & no one noticed
light & shadow kissing everywhere

light & shadow existed
only in & for their kisses
& for everything they embraced
very few words were needed
in the eternal present

then God got angry––
& now time flies by
but just as before
everywhere you go
light & shadow

in & out
in & out of paradise
under the sky
now just as before
light & shadow everywhere

& now tonight becomes tomorrow
& tomorrow
night will seduce day again

in & out of paradise
in & out
by campfires & candlelight
in the deep forest
under the sea
light & shadow
           hold each other close...

––Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2009, 2011

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