viernes, 21 de enero de 2011


I invite you to dance
dance this blue winged night
dance all that you once knew
held in the branches of childhood
dance visions carried from far-away
on turquoise winds
drenched with passion
                  azure mind

I invite you to dance
dreams that caress & bliss your soul
dance out the regrets
that slip from your throat
through your teeth

I invite you to dance
to the hidden song
sung by sphinxes & stones

join me in conjuring
the call to the soul
all the eyes filled with love
that have looked upon you
every gentle touch

may we be nurtured
by what was & what was not

I invite mud loving scarabs
red winged blackbirds
fallen & risen angels
to share this night with us
as we release the sylph of acceptance
as we hold the flame of desire
to embrace everything from within

I ask to forgive
to become loving kindness
to fall in love with each moment
I ask with these words
& a humble heart
open hands
doves' wings
beating then airborne
this present moment is fleeting
is gone

with this knowledge
I invite you to fly

-- Lorena Lobita © 2011

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