lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009


--to the weavers everywhere

the sky to the night
the earth to the day
Arachne Athena
Ixchel Pandora
Penelope Nit
the night to the day
the earth to the sky
stars and glimmers
nooks and openings
crags and rocks
war and peace
comets and oceans
minerals and planets
skeletons and time
scales and mermaids
brooms and roads
candles and boudoirs
tenderness and life
atoms and universe
the moirae
at their loom
weave a circumference
of wholeness
my soul their skein
my soul their shuttle
my soul their warp
my soul owl quetzal spider
tree morning glory and jaguar
dancer and goddess
my soul works at the loom of life
and dreams and desires
across distances
new insights
in proximity
new alchemies
underworld darkness and war
wellspring earth peace
my weaver soul
in her hands the threads
of light of wind of rain
of music of life of ilumination
my soul
in her hands
the threads of the moon
of the sun and the spheres
where the witch goddesses move
the women of the violet winds
where the soul dissolves
from one life into the next
and in this life
rises up and travels
like the waves of the ocean
always new.

por Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2009

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