viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

America if...

sleeping giant
this is a call for you to wake up!
wake up!
your homes are bing taken
your infrastructure collapsing
your streets cracking
your bridges sagging
hospitals closing
your jobs lost
your pensions disappeared
your public phones disconnected
education out of reach
public schools run-down
libraries' doors closing
once upon a time there were after school programs
once upon a time there was free education for all
once upon a time there was an American dream in our hands
poised like a bird of peace
of home education vacation and retirement on a single income
once upon a time
once upon a time you were called citizens not consumers
once upon a time you were called to a greater purpose
than to go out and shop for your nation
look at your disappearing middle class
look at your people going hungry
bloated on junk food
high-fructose corn syrup
partially hydrogenated genetically modified soybean oil
oceans lakes water table filling up with pharmaceutical contaminents
of a sick public a sad populous medicating
medicating legally or illegally medicating
this is a painful reality America
this is a painful reality
America if you are still out there
this is a call to wake up
wake up!
you have the largest number
of citizens per capita of any nation in the world in prison
America home of the free
where is your freedom tonight?
where are your brothers your sisters tonight?
yes the ones who are encarcerated
they are we our fellow citizens
America if you are a still out there
wake up!

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