viernes, 21 de agosto de 2009

Night Dreaming

you are night dreaming
in silence with fireflies
going out in order to light up again
night pretending nothing hurts
searching for peace under the sheets
believing all secrets have been discovered
night walking hurriedly towards the crack of dawn
to get there before the song of the red thrush bursts forth
this night you remember a life in which you danced
on the gypsies' stage
you remember and you don't want to feel the longing
you remember and you fade away into dreams
where you capture stars and elusive fireflies
there you believe you have found a secret entrance to enlightenment
you watch visions with your eyes closed
sometimes you slip on the flagstones of the past
but light twinkling in your eyes little by little
makes sense of the senselessness of the smallest things
and you light up walking in the paths of the stars
spheres worlds galaxies concepts of universe and God
your twin shadow, night stranger, sleepwalker speaks to you:
"I have come to tell you I don't believe in anything,
I just dream the universe and its contents--
I have come to tell you to whisper in your ear
of darkness of dust and of death
to iluminate the meaning of life,
I have come to say
there is no need to believe in anything
sparks and ash come from the same source:
wood, tree of life
trunk root branches leaves and sap
and fire--
I have come to say you live more precisely
after challenging the precipice and though you may fall
this teaches you anew the gyre of life
to trust the fall
the universe is open
in it you are at home
the windows are open
and winds that enter caress you
their breath requires no explanations nor qualifications
they are and you are
in this life..."

por Lorena Lobita Wolfman © Agosto 2009

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