lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

Jesus last night

last night I invited Jesus into my bed
the one of flesh and blood
the one of spirit
a son of divine birth

he was a generous companion
his slender body pressed up against mine
I could feel his desire pulse
the curls of his long hair tumbling across my breast

his smell of eastern jasmine and musk
quickened on my breath
and I thought to myself:

"This is the kind of personal savior I need!"

as I opened
he welled up within me
washing away my troubles
he held me close
whispering revolutionary songs
of love and humanity in my ear
yeah the kind that got him into trouble
back in the day--

And with daybreak almost ready to burst,
I fell asleep in his arms.

© 2009 Lorena Lobita Wolfman

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