martes, 10 de junio de 2008

Red face of the moon

I am the crimson veil of grief.
I am the red face of the moon.
I pass between the sisters of the earth.
I cast my cardinal shadow
midst the waves, ‘tween the furrows
of the plowed fields--
I am the dark that deepens
the meaning of light
each moment we share
in this humble body. Ride
my currents deep
before the tenebrious gods.
The gleaming mist of
my keen will cleanse you,
my embrace like a shroud
will keep you safe
till your return.

Now let me go. Give me over.
Open your eyes.
In your dream
body, your most
exquisite self,
this crimson one
your life

copyright (c)2008 Lauren Wolfman
(5.31.08 From a dance at Sweat your Prayers at Bellas Artes, SMA.)

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