lunes, 9 de junio de 2008

Flower-petaled Flames

We spoke and shared secrets about the inner workings of things in the universe. This made us laugh and ponder and wonder how it might all work from the smallest level and we thought about the miraculous activity that occurred at the very, very, very tiniest level. And we fed these secrets and surmisings with our own breath, blowing, sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully, until they grew and grew into soft flower-petaled flames that rose and rose until they filled the sky with their breathtaking beauty as luscious and more moving than the deepest deep— And then, they all fell back to earth, to our sadness and tears, which though painfully, we most certainly shed happily-- "happily", because of all we had shared. And we said good-bye, for now, as each went her merry way, dancing.

-- Lauren 6/6/08
(Story from a trio improv with Julia and Ue.)

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