lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

Now we enter the intimacy of distances

now we enter the intimacy of distances

the proof

of connection beyond the confines of place

of presence beyond space

of the invisible lace that connects us

I feel it now


you in the distance

extending my reach across the planet

through portals & biways

ribbons of freeways & mass transit

& through good byes with a hello deeply sewn into their hems

a last kiss suspended in the air

an airport awaiting

car train plane walking & bicycles

stretching out into the not yet

& then that kiss

rippling out beyond time

as we enter into closeness beyond distance

& we listen into the memories of our breath

& hear the garden song of our outstretched fingertips

blooming with life

--Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2010

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