miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

For what I am...

I rest in the expanse of earth & shadow
I rest in the expanse of night & dreaming
without a face I am held in intimate immensity

at edge of the threshold of darkness & light,
from far away the light of day beckons me
calls me lifts me from these primeval waters

after washing my still absent face
in the universe’s obsideon night
after returning repeatedly to her arms
earth’s dawn propels me rise

face     eyes     hands
my breast bone to the manifest wind—

after waking from oblivion,
forms begin to appear

sky    horizon    earth

sea    mountain    tree

the exstasy of the sun calls me
the tempermental face of the earth calls me

the corona of day calls me

the calyx of the shade calls me

I return        & rise
return & rise
        again        & again...

starlight descends into my arms
like a glowing mantle

spellbound I advance soaking up the soft light
into the threshold
into the implication of day
into this day
a day that recalls its origin

sea of potential

            sweet like grape nectar

                & I walk forward radiant

showing my face for what I am

                        universe & leaf--

Lorena Lobita Wolfman © 2009, 2010

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