sábado, 27 de marzo de 2010

Life Unfolding

Life Unfolding represented an historic event, in the words of modern dance pioneer and co-founder of the Tamalpa Institute, Anna Halprin, "this is the first time that the life-art process has been the basis of a full length show." If you were one of the few lucky ones to be present at for its short run of two evenings As San Francisco's Noh Theater in February of 2010, you had an incredible eye-opening awe-inspiring treat.

The performers brought shared and, in the process, elevated their own life dramas to touching universal dimensions. Their firm footing in somatic practices embued the atmosphere with powerful presence and emotion.

Anna Halprin, now in her 90th year, with her characteristic aplomb, poise and humor, introduced the show, which as a benefit for the the Tamalpa Institute scholarship fund.

It is the fervent desire of the founders Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin that this work and the intensive Tamalpa training program be accessible to people of diverse backgrounds. The life-art process at its heart is about growth and insight with personal, artistic and social applications.

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