martes, 30 de marzo de 2010

Dynamic exploration of green

Green blue yellow exploration
of undulating joy growth wonder compassion
overlying experience of years



reconnecting with original wave desire
rhythmic washing at the river of life
casting up to the shores of enrichment



reaching for the source of actualization
moment by moment seeking listening
to the whispering seas of intuition grown deeper with trust...

harmonizing right and left

                                       up and down

sourcing to the right
sourcing to the left
sourcing now sourcing

                    sourcing the up

                                          sourcing the down...

orientation to a bright ever new star




sipping the river of illumined rain
sipping the nectar of new gesture upon gesture
gazing into the now future the now present the now past
gazing with love
gazing with beauty upon beauty
gracious gifts behold
                                        the gracious
                                                                             of being...

                    and now

                                      and now

                                                       and now

                                                                           and now...

by Lorena Lobita Wolfman © february 2010

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