lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Water & wind

the tender truth
I glimpse in the mirror

do you perceive it on my skin?

this truth of silver water and wind
that reflects the transparent intimacy
of the fine mantle of mortality
of our bodies
of our steps
of our voices

the temporal tenderness
of this body
my body your body
the bodies in which we have come
dressed for this gala

a gala under the sky
under varied constellations
ready to dance the flight
of the maritime birds

we emulate the firm pulse
of the salty tides

we disguise ourselves as conch shells
to discover
the inner secret of circle
as it displaces the void

our tongues pronounce
free scribbles from the soul

and we keep practicing the steps of the infinite
with the most subtle motions of the spine

--perhaps tomorrow when the sun rises
we will be even more naked
before the very nakedness
of the seawater that gives us life
before the silken and sharp mortal reality
of our bodies
of my body that shelters you
of our steps
of my steps that accompany you
of our voices
of my voice that calls you
of our voices

--perhaps we will be even more
trasparent like the wind over the sea
like the flower
that releases its most precious essence
before surrendering to the infinite

--perhaps we will be even more infinite
before the diaphanous truth
of the sunlight that gives us life
in this dwelling the earth
not ours
but that takes us in
and clothes us for a time
in these bodies
sensual and open to loving

© 2009 Lorena Lobita Wolfman

2 comentarios:

  1. Para decirlo rápido: de un modo surreal --literal y eterno -- accedo a esta blog y leo el primer texto. Su poema. Me conmueve como poeta que soy. Es cierto. Un poema. Es un poema, todo un poema. Interesante y claro el relato, amor de dos que pueden ser más y con ese más incluyo este Comentario aquí. Inteligente, su escritura. Algo inusual, ya sé, en las blogs de poesía; pero necesario en mi caso. Confirmar lo leído. Gracias.

  2. Salvador, Gracias por tus palabras tan precisas. --L.