domingo, 1 de marzo de 2009

Mystery unfolding...

This poem came from my writings on Saturday, February 28 for our last weekend of the year long level one Tamalpa Training. This was my mother's birthday. Sunday, March 1st was the second anniversary of her crossing over. In living her dying, walking with her through the dance of dying, I was led back to the path of the healing expressive arts. I shared this poem in our closing ceremonies along with a dance of prayer in honor of my mother Marianne and all of our loved ones who have passed over. At the instant I finished the dance, the candle Daria had lit in her honor went out; I felt my mother say, "In beauty it is finished."

Mystery unfolding...

Mystery unfolding beyond measure, mystery
holding mystery and giving
unimagined light fulfilling
beyond measure all hopes
all prayer fulfilled in the mystery of now...
I am reminded
by the birds of my losses, yes as they do,
I take flight, take flight
renew with a batting flutter
of my wings breast bone
to the air, take flight,
I take flight, glide
on the gleaming wings of time... all time
together now, in the blinking
mystery of now, in the joyous
song of now, in the perfect
discernment of all and perfect
speaking of all
and the joyous
speaking of now and creating
circles of listening
to the now, the sweetest taste
of essence being moving in tongues
everywhere gleaming now, gleaming
cresting distances
light on the horizon
of the present moment, stars
on the crest of the way here
and nowhere else
here here here, move with me,
dance this unfolding altar of love
and joy arising
beyond all arising beyond
all hope, tender tender kindness, loving

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