domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009

Laxmi Poems

These two Laxmi poems that follow were written in a period in 2004 when I found myself spontaneously contemplating the Hindu goddess Laxmi. There was a beautiful carved stone statue of her at Open Secret in San Rafael that I found myself standing in front of repeatedly, feeling her grace, beauty, embodiment, and abundance manifesting like an unguent from the spiritual into the material. She is known for her auspiciousness and power as the goddess of both material and spiritual wealth and prosperity (1). To realize her one must respect the laws of nature and appreciate the wonders of existence (2).


She arises early
on an ash-dawn morn
of a churning milk-white sea,
a pale lily bursting forth
in the hour before daybreak--
her skin, pale warm light of distant stars;
her blood, manifest Grace,
sacred unguent
anointing the World.
Her ascending arms lift
and embrace the rising sun
as tender creatures of the Earth
are born, as you and I
are born.



Tender wisdom,
First light.
Desire dawning,
First breath.
She takes the sparkling rainbow
Of earthly beauty like a rose
Between her teeth;
her feet touch the ground
marking a quickening rhythm,
her colored skirts fly
on the horizon
as day breaks.

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