martes, 8 de enero de 2013

Save the Seeds of Life: What we create and what we understand comes through metaphor

The nature of all creativity is highly metaphoric and symbolic.  It is through metaphor an symbolism that we make meaning as human beings.  This deep level of our consciousness can be taken advantage of by the unscruplous who have unethical intentions to hynotize (1) us and make us forget what we know by birthright.  It can also be harnessed by our highest intentions to create real change and invention in a relatively short period of time. 

It is not surprising, that inn India's cotton belt, seeds that commit suicide cause farmers to commit suicide. The symbolism is there and this is the reality it propagates.  It is also not surprising that by approaching the earth with wholistic sustainable approaches things change very quickly a new vibration, a new symbolism can replace the old and a very diffent reality ensues.

This is why the Navdanya's Seeds of Hope campaign in India has produced rapid results, preventing many suicides. The transition from seeds of suicide to seeds of hope includes :

· a shift from GMO and non renewable seeds to organic, open pollinated seed varieties which farmers can save and share.  (Abundance is created through sharing...)

· a shift from chemical farming to organic farming. (Organic farming respects the Earth and her life.)

· a shift from unfair trade based on false prices to fair trade based on real and just prices. (Valuing the fruits of all people's labor moves us away from a slavery paradigm.)

The farmers who have made this shift are earning 10 times more than the farmers growing Monsanto's Bt-cotton.

Symbolism and metaphor is the way of the world, watch for the metaphors of your actions, watch the metaphors around you to understand what is happening...  Make a fruitful life by planting fertile seeds and sharing them.

(1)  The hypnotism I am referring to is not an exotic event, it is something that happens every day, when our attention is riveted by something that enchants us or makes us feel a need to possess something we don't have.  All the large corporations have become masters of this art, their advertising is effective, it relies on image, metaphor, sound.  It creates an aesthic response and opens channels of desire, often by suggesting we are not enough just as we are, exploiting our insecurities.  Fear is a great hook, so is eroticism or sexuality.  Things that tap into human need, many of which are not met in our urban habitats.  The corporations tell us stories that ask us to buy.  I suggest we tell each other stories for free, the story telling tradition is ours innately, let's reclaim it.

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