domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

Turquoise And Wind

Robed in turquoise and wind she came
Yoolgai asdzáá white shell woman
breathing softly out of my dreams
gentle native poemed healing spirit mother
white gown stitched of sea foam
and coy swishing of rattles
that exhalt the silence
as light exhalts the darkness
from which we arise.

Black Madonna walks side by side
with her sister
her gleaming obsideon gown
pouring forth the dark.
Together their outstetched arms
punctuate the night
with a snap and a shake
of outfacing palms
they bring Creation into being,
they Daughters of the Absolute
they Mothers of God.

3 comentarios:

  1. You find so many things beautiful when your words are blessed.

    Me conmueve el tipo de personas que encuentran música y poesía en el mismo espacio.

    I'll keep your track.

  2. Gracias preciosa. Es una combinación tan natural, la poesía y la música. Lorena.

  3. beautiful beautiful vision poem!!!
    thank you Lorena!!!
    i love you