viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2008

Solstice Score

Part of the Level One training at Tamalpa Institute is learning the art of scoring. Scoring makes up part of the RSVP Cycle, a creative methodology co-created by Lawrence and Anna Halprin. A score is basically a recipe or a particular way of laying out a creative plan of action. I developed the score that follows to celebrate Solstice this year.

Theme: Winter Solstice - The longest night of the year.

Explore the somatic experience of darkness (and light as it
relates to the darkness)

Ann and Me (This is a score for 2 or more people.)

Place: Ann's studio

Time: Solstice Evening, December 20, 2008

Resources: Movement, Music (didgeridoo), Sound, Text, Breath, and the time of year!
[Musical selection: Into the Dreaming by Dreamtime, Noorooma: Myths and Magic by Spirit of Uluru, Working For World Peace & The Human Heart is For Kindness by Nawang Khechog]
1. 2-3 minutes
Setting the Stage: Start music. Dim lights. Light candles.
2. 20minutes--
Explore the somatic / felt sense for darkness and light using any or all of the following:
- Movement
- Stillness
- Sound
- Breath
- Words / Phrases
3. 10 minutes--
Write and/or draw an aesthetic response.
4. 5-7 minutes (each) --
Share the aesthetic response and your experience of the exploration with your partner. The aesthetic response may include movement, poetic words or a verbal descriptive response. For descriptive verbal feedback, use the I see, I feel, I imagine (three level physical-emotional-mental) model.

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