viernes, 24 de octubre de 2008

Oasis 08 - Somos Luz

Saturday October 18, when the moon was in its waning gibbous phase, at a distance of more than 364,500 kilometers from the Earth, dancers from around the Bay gathered at a place known as "The Small Hill", or "El Cerrito." Here, at a special site built to commemorate the warriors of past and present generations, also known as the "Veterans' Memorial Building", the dance troupe Desert Heat, hosted their 6th Annual Oasis Dance Night. My dance was an improvisation inspired by the words "Somos Luz" and "Estado Ingravitto" from the songs of Spanish band Macaco.

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  1. Lorena,
    Nice video! Seeing that makes me want to come and dance with Desert Heat again! One of these days...
    Reina Ileana (AKA Nance)